The craniofacial part of the human body consists of 22 bones which, as with the rest of the body’s joints and muscles, require a certain amount of flexibility for comfort and proper function. Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is produced by the brain to provide vital nutrition to the central nervous system and the nerves that run throughout the body. Cranial flexibility and sacral motion help in the pumping of CSF around the nervous system. The sacrum has a key role in this process because the end of the tube containing the spinal cord attaches to it, and in this respect the structures of the skull and pelvis are closely linked. The body functions as a chain reaction of compensations, and cranial practitioners believe that problems and restrictions within the craniosacral system can lead to a wide variety of symptoms throughout the body.



The practitioner will feel the different areas of the body, and “tune in” to the rhythms created by the flow of CSF. When areas of interest are identified, they are corrected using subtle techniques intended to create a sense of balance in the system. This will usually involve working at the head at some point during the treatment, but also at the sacrum and a number of other contacts throughout the body. For many people, the experience of a cranial treatment is simply one of deep relaxation. However, sometimes a treatment may trigger memories and emotions which can be an important part of the overall process. Although unusual, it is also possible for a symptom to be stirred up as the body seeks to resolve the issues underlying that problem. It is not necessary to get undressed for a cranial treatment, but it is important to wear loose clothes which are comfortable to move around in.


Craniosacral therapy can be booked with Michelle Carrington who is an experienced chiropractor and a qualified craniosacral therapist. Due to the way that she likes to work, Michelle only offers extended (30 min) chiropractic treatments, but also offers longer Craniosacral Therapy sessions to allow for a deeper experience. Although not a craniosacral therapist, Daniela Carini also utilises some cranial techniques in her practice and is usually able to include this in a regular 20 minute treatment. An “Extended Treatment” combines a normal chiropractic treatment with additional craniosacral therapy focused on specific areas (approx 30 mins). A Craniosacral Therapy session is more holistic in nature and focuses on whole body craniosacral therapy techniques (approx 45 mins). Babies & Children. A combination of chiropractic and cranial techniques are used as appropriate. Extended treatments (30 mins) are often best for babies, and our normal fee structure applies. If you are unsure what to book, your chiropractor will be happy to advise you.