Outcomes Report

  • May 18 2016
  • Michelle Carrington

Patient Treatment Outcomes Report Results

One of the things that our patients often tell us they appreciate about Haslemere Chiropractic is our effective treatment. In order to make sure that we are doing our best, and meeting your expectations, we carry out an audit of outcomes every year to monitor how people respond to our treatment, and how many visits it typically takes for them to reach a point at which they are sufficiently improved for us to complete their episode of care.

Our Outcomes Audit for all patients completing their course of treatment in 2015 showed that 69% were greatly improved (>75% better) or symptom free. We often stop treatment when patients are almost better or if they are consistently improving, with the instruction to come back if their symptoms don’t fully resolve within a certain time. We therefore anticipate that many of those who were >75% better at their last treatment go on to make a full recovery.

19% of our patients make a moderate improvement (30-70% better). Whilst for some this may represent a slightly disappointing outcome, for many it represents our biggest success. For those with long term pain, or who are debilitated by their condition, this moderate improvement can make a huge difference to their quality of life.

On average, patients attend for 4 visits or less to complete their course of treatment, although this number is variable depending upon the problem.

For full details of our Outcomes Audit, see below: