• April 3 2020
  • Michelle Carrington


We are delighted to be able to offer Online Consultations for New and Existing Patients.  All of our Chiropractors are here to help if you are suffering from any muscle or joint pain. These can be booked through our online booking system.

Online Consultations may not be an obvious service for a chiropractor to offer. Chiropractic is derived from the Greek for “done by hand”, so this is an interesting concept for us.  However, the Clinic is closed for the time being due to COVID-19. Video consultations are a valuable way that we can assist people experiencing musculoskeletal pain through this period of social distancing.

What does an Online Consultation involve?

With a video link, we can perform many of the functions that form a part of our normal sessions. These include:

  • A discussion about any musculoskeletal symptoms that you are experiencing.
  • Asking questions to rule out any conditions that may require urgent medical attention.
  • An Assessment which involves asking you to perform certain actions and tests; not quite as specific as when we perform an examination in Clinic, but enough to give a good indication as to what may be going on.
  • Providing information about what the Chiropractor believes is behind your symptoms, and plenty of advice.
  • Prescribing an exercise and self-help programme for your specific needs, which we can email to you.

From the patient’s perspective, accessing an online consultation should be an easy process. We will send you an email before your online appointment time with all the information that you need to link up with us and get the most from your session. If you have a device with a camera and microphone, such as a laptop, tablet or smart phone, we can make it work. It will be as easy as clicking on a link.


Can a Virtual Chiropractic Consultation be effective?

At Haslemere Chiropractic we are proud of the hands-on treatment that we usually provide. We believe strongly that touch as an important part of the therapeutic interaction.  None-the-less, anyone who is familiar with the way we work will know that the physical treatment is only a part our service.

We give people the chance to talk in depth about their problems so that we can get an insight into their situation. We provide an explanation and knowledge to empower people to understand what they are experiencing. We offer reassurance, seeking to help manage the fear and anxiety that often accompany pain and exacerbate the situation.  We prescribe a tailor made programme of self-help advice and exercises. Last, but not least, we are passionate about educating people about how to stay healthy. We love promoting all aspects of well-being such as activity, healthy diet, stress management, and good sleep. We may not be able to offer hands-on treatment at the moment, but we can definitely continue to offer all of that!

Chiropractor and Clinic Owner, Michelle Carrington says:

“I often consider that one of our roles as a chiropractor, whether dealing with a sudden onset of pain or a more long-term situation, is to “turn the boat around”. Even without a physical treatment,  I strongly believe that we can still help to turn the boat around; it just might not sail quite as fast as it would do if we could offer our normal package of care”.


Here to help

The Chiropractors have been busy getting to grips with the technology that has been put in place, and are now ready to offer this new service. Online consultations will enable the Chiropractors to provide more specific advice, tailored to your requirements, than a simple phone call or email. These “Virtual” Consultations are offered at a significant discount on our usual fees due to the limitations of the process (i.e. not hands on treatment). Simply log into our Online Booking system to book a consultation.   However, if you are unsure about booking, or just want general advice, please send the Clinic an email and we will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Our telephone messages are only being intermittently checked, but we are checking the Clinic Reception email address,  daily.

You can also send an email directly to your chiropractor on their personal Clinic address:

The Chiropractors will be checking their emails several times per week and will get back to you when they pick up your message.

The Team at Haslemere Chiropractic Clinic send their best wishes to all of our patients during this difficult time. Stay well everyone!