Maintenance & Rehabilitation


Once we have treated the condition that you came to us with, we want to make sure that you stay feeling good. Maintenance care could be compared to giving your car a service. By providing you with a check-up from time to time, we hope to identify any problems that are building up again, and deal with them before they become painful.


For many people, the exercises and lifestyle advice provided during the course of their treatment will be sufficient to achieve lasting relief from their pain. However, about a quarter of people who we see find that their condition is best managed by having some kind of ongoing chiropractic care. Typically, you might benefit from maintenance care if you fall into one (or more) or these groups:

  • You have had your problem for a long time
  • You have a history of your problem recurring
  • You have a lifestyle, activity or occupation which puts strain on your body and makes it likely that your problem will return
  • You have an underlying condition, such as arthritis, which means that your symptoms need managing on an ongoing basis


Research suggests that as a back or neck pain sufferer you can expect your symptoms to be reduced by an appropriate exercise regime. Exercise typically gives people more confidence in their backs enabling them to enjoy a wider range of activities. Regular exercise can also play an important role in preventing a reoccurrence of your condition once you are feeling better. However, there is often the concern that you may do more harm than good by exercising in the wrong way.

With this in mind we offer a service to help you get going with a suitable exercise regime. Stuart Robinson, our chiropractor with a special interest in Exercise Rehabilitation, can design a programme of exercises suitable for your needs and supervise your progression towards a stronger, more stable musculoskeletal system. All the chiropractors will provide exercises and offer exercise advice as part of your chiropractic care programme, but some people find that  sessions, dedicated purely to exercise, are a particularly helpful way to focus on their requirements in this respect.


You may be someone who exercised regularly before a back or neck injury, and you need help to get back into your old regime. Or you maybe someone who has never exercised before but recognises that improving your physical condition is a way to prevent recurring episodes of pain. Or perhaps you are a keen sportsperson wanting to find a way to improve your performance. For many people, exercises prescribed by the chiropractors will be a stepping stone to joining an exercise class or returning to previous sporting activities.

Please ask your chiropractor if you would like further information. You can also book an Extended Treatment (30 mins) with Stuart if you would like him to assess you in order to prescribe an exercise rehabilitation programme. Make sure that you tell Reception when you book that you are wanting a Rehabilitation session.