Our Fees

Not sure if chiropractic care is right for you? Call 01428 642778 to book a free 20 minute appointment to discuss your problem with one of our chiropractors and find out if we can help.

Our Loyalty Card provides a discount to clients who visit us frequently, or families who come for treatment. Come 9 times in a year, and get a 50% discount on your 10th treatment. The Loyalty Card can be shared with other family members. 

20 minutes


1 hour

Includes assessment and treatment


40 minutes

For addressing multiple problems, or combining chiropractic with rehab or cranial work.


30 minutes

With Stuart Robinson


40-60 minutes

With Michelle Carrington


Includes a 1 hour initial assessment, and a 1 hour follow up visit to include a report and exercises tailored to the individual.


A typical 30 min workstation assessment with a written report costs £100.

10 min “mini assessments” are also available. Cost varies according to the length of assessments required, the number required and your location. Please contact Stuart for a quotation, or to discuss your requirements, either by calling the Clinic on 01428 642778, or e-mail him at sjrchiro@gmail.com


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